Ipsos MORI Poll: Theresa May’s Approval Rating Hits Record Low

A survey revealed that Just 30% of adults are satisfied with her performance – a five-point fall compared with a month ago.

The Ipsos MORI survey showed a sharp fall in this satisfaction rating among Conservatives, plummeting from 68 per cent to 55 per cent.

The poll, carried out after the Chequers Brexit deal found that less than 22 per cent of the people are content with the Government. Nearly half of those polled believed the Chequers deal will be bad for Britain, with just 29% expecting it to be good.

Tonight, Mrs May held talks with Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz in Salzburg. Backing EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, Mr Kurz called for the sides to find ways to avoid a “hard Brexit” and strike a deal.

The Ipsos MORI poll also showed that Public confidence in obtaining a good Brexit deal has plummeted since last year.

In 2017, Forty-four per cent said they were confident the prime minister would get a good deal, but this has now slumped to 25 per cent. Also, the proportion of those saying they were not confident has risen from 51 per cent to 72 per cent.

Just 29 per cent of people are positive about Chequers deal while Nearly half of people believe the deal will be bad for Britain.

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