ISIS Calls Lone Wolves To Make Bomb And Attack Families, Burn Churches And Derail Trains In Christmas
ISIS group's propaganda has released a chilling 17-point plan to help lone wolves in the west to mount attacks during the Christmas.

The ISIS featured an image of a wolf and an ISIS fighter on horseback written in Arabic and English which shows how to derail trains and suggests burning churches and targeting markets and important factories.

The pictures show Santa about to be beheaded by a radical and two other fighters waiting in the snow outside the home of a family with the caution: “Soon at Christmas.”


The terrorists shared a manual of detailed pipe bomb which uses Christmas lights to cause explosions on encrypted internet channels.

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The fighters claimed that the device cannot be detected by police’s sniffer dogs and it is capable of slaughtering at least 10 people in just two days. “In a month you may make a bigger and more lethal bomb that could kill tens of people”, the manual reads. Several pages of instructions include photographs of how to prepare the materials, build fuses, detonators, and timers from household products.

The document gave a list of items needed for making the bomb, adding: “1. Inflammable substance 2. Decoration lamp (what is normally used for Christmas trees) 3. Iron pipe.”

It added: “Make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom” – the AQ chef says: “Can I make an effective bomb that causes damage to the enemy from ingredients available in any kitchen in the world? The answer is yes.”

“Its ingredients are readily available. Buying these ingredients does not raise suspicion. It is easily disposed of if the enemy searches your home.”, it added: “Sniffing dogs are not trained to recognize them as bomb-making ingredients.”

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