ISIS Is Moving toward Europe To Launch Terror Attacks; Former ISIS Fighter Says
Ex- ISIS fighter says an unknown number of ISIS fighters who have left Syria are targeting Europe to launch attacks

Saddam al-Hamadi, 26, was arrested by Turkish security forces last month while attempting to exploit an evacuation deal designed to free civilians.

al-Hamadi who is now in Turkish custody told ITV News that the ISIS fighters would use the chaos and confusion of the fall of Raqqa to travel to Europe where they will launch terrorist attacks.

“They will go overseas to launch terrorist attacks in some areas in Europe,” Al-Hamadi added:

“They went to Europe after the withdrawal. Before that, they thought the Europeans were infidels, non-believers.”

“They will get out, across Turkey and into Europe where they will launch terrorist attacks and other things.”

Al-Hamadi also claimed that before the Raqqa fell in October, he had helped smuggle new ISIS recruits into the group’s de facto capital.

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The terrorist said foreign fighters, including British recruits, were trained to fight for ISIS in the military camps. Al-Hamadi said:

“I used to receive people from outside Raqqa – from Idlib and other places.”

“We would wait for them at night and smuggle them inside. They would be trained in military courses and religious courses in the centres.”

Al-Hamadi said when Syrian Democratic Forces captured the city, he was able to find a way out since he spent about 18 months in Raqqa and became familiar with the cities tunnels and escape routes.

The terrorist confessed that he tried to get to Europe to earn a living for his family in Syria, not to commits acts of terrorism.

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