ISIS Teacher Groomed Boys As Young As 11 To Join His ‘Death Squad’
He has shown videos of beheadings and people burning British passports to his pupils.

A religious teacher of ISIS who was fascinated by the group’s ideology plotted to launch a terrorist attack on London, kept the group’s propaganda and bomb-making videos in his bedroom and a knife in his car, a court heard.

Umar Ahmed Haque, 25, reportedly plotted to launch a terrorist attack on a wide range of possible targets including the Queen’s Guard, parliament and media organisations in 2016 and early 2017.

Teacher plotting Isis attack on Big Ben and Westfield 'found with large knife'

Other targets on his extensive list included Transport for London, which runs the capital’s public transport network, shoppers at Westfield shopping centres, Heathrow Airport, the Chinese and Iran embassies, media stations and banks in the City of London, jurors heard.

Haque groomed and trained young people for terrorism at the Ripple Road mosque in Barking, east London, while swearing them to secrecy, the Old Bailey has heard. He is said to have shown videos of beheadings and people burning British passports to his pupils.

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A recording was discovered of Haque, saying: “We are here to cause terrorism,”.

In the videos found, a voice can be heard boasting that ISIS territory was as big as the UK and that every day 18 coalition soldiers committed suicide before even entering battle.

Haque also recruited Abuthaher Mamun, 19, Muhammad Abid, 27, and Nadeem Patel, 26, to help with his plans through the mosque, the court has heard.

Police arrested Haque in May last year. When they searched his home in Windsor Road, Forest Gate, east London and car parked nearby, they found a sharp-tipped kitchen knife a kitchen knife hidden behind the central console of the car, wrapped in a newspaper with pictures of semi-naked women.

In Haque’s home, police also found YouTube videos about how to build explosive substances. In one of the videos played to the jury, an American man showed how to make explosive powder from everyday items before shooting at it with a rifle, and shouting: “Now that’s what I call an explosion.”

Some videos of beheadings, dead children, firing squads, buildings exploding, prominent ISIS terrorists were also found on his laptop, the court has heard.

A notebook containing handwritten notes about the ‘benefits of martyrdom’ were also found in Haque’s home. The notebook, which was shown to the jury, had a handwritten 21-point list with references to terrorism.

Umar Haque, Abuthaher Mamun, and Nadeem Patel depicted in a sketch taken during their trial at the Old Bailey on January 16

Haque is further charged with preparing terrorist acts by leading exercises in physical training and “role play” with children and dissemination of terrorist publications.


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