ISIS Warns Of A Bloody Christmas in 2017

On Tuesday, Wafa Media Group, the pro-ISIS organisation has posted a poster depicting a masked man driving a car filled with a rifle, a handgun and a backpack toward St Peter’s Basilica.

The terrorist group of ISIS has threatened to launch its latest terror attack on the Vatican.
The poster sent the message ‘Christmas blood’ with the line ‘so wait…’ written in red underneath.

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In 2015 California, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik launched an attack on a work Christmas party. Later in 2016, radicalised Anis Amri drove a truck into a festive market in Berlin during Christmas celebration, killing 12.

ISIS has threatened to launch their latest attack on Christmas celebrations by posting their ominous poster of “Christmas blood”.

The terror monitoring group MEMRI said the posters like these do not typically warn of a direct threat but instead are a call to action for lone wolf attackers waiting to strike.

Following the collapse of their Caliphate, ISIS has been driven out of its strongholds in Iraq and Syria. Recently, the US-led forces declared victory over ISIS in Raqqa, the terror group’s capital.

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