ISIS Widows Are Not Always Innocent Victims; Yazidi Sex Slave
A Yazidi woman named Seeham talked about the terrifying years of living as an ISIS’s sex slave, stressing that some of the ISIS’s wives were “worse” than the men.

She recalled an ISIS’s wife who put makeup on her and forced her to dress up when the husband came and raped her.

Seeham said a woman forced her to shave her body and “brought sexy clothes to wear for her husband and helped him rape me by tying me to the bed”.

The survivor said the ISIS women called Yezidis the “slaves”. She was forced to clean the house while ISIS woman and her friends mocked and teased her.

Seeham who had a little daughter recalls that one time while cleaning, the ISIS women kept her crying daughter on the fourth floor of the house. “She forced me to clean from the fourth floor to the first floor, the whole time I could hear my daughter crying,” she said. The ISIS women even didn’t allow her to breastfeed her girl.

There were numerous foreign women who ran to join ISIS in 2014 when it was at the height of its power. These women participated in the abuses of native peoples in Iraq and Syria, playing out colonialist fantasies of control and power.

Most of the foreign women joined their husbands, who were also foreign ISIS fighters to seize the property of residents. They joined their husbands to abuse the Yezidi “slaves” they purchased. Some ISIS women also encouraged their husbands to sell and buy sex slaves on online media.

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After ISIS advance in northern Iraq in 2014, including areas populated by the Yezidi ethnic and religious minority who were considered “infidels” by the terrorists, thousands of Yezidi women were held as sex slaves by the group, while men and children were executed and their bodies dumped in mass graves.

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