Israeli Forces Attack Pro-Palestinian British Activists In The City Of Al-Khalil

Following the UK government’s refusal to apologize for its role in the establishment of Israel, 60 British activists walked more than 135 days from the UK to Palestine on Balfour Apology Mission.

Zionist Troops Attacked Britons group in the city of al-Khalil, forbidding them from continuing the protest.

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Britain’s insistence on celebrating the Balfour Declaration has prompted criticism from Palestine, which has repeatedly called on the UK government to apologize for its role in the establishment of Israel.

The British government’s broken promise still continues. On Thursday 2 November, Theresa May will participate a dinner with Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and 150 other guests to celebrate the historic Balfour Declaration.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had earlier threatened the UK with a legal action if it refuses to abandon celebratory events linked with the Balfour declaration.

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