Israeli Soldiers Forces Palestinian Families Out Of Their Homes To Conduct Drills

According to a report by Palestinian news agency WAFA,The Israeli soldier forced four Palestinians families from the Khirbet Al-Yirza village, east of Tubas in the Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank, to allegedly conduct military drills.

Human rights activist, Aaref Daraghmeh, said that Israeli forces evacuated four families, some who live in the other and others who come to the area to check on their livestock.

Aaref Daraghmeh, a Human rights activist , said that Israeli forces ordered the four palestinian families to evacuate the area until 6am today.

WAFA’s report said that This is the third time that the families are evacuated from their homes for alleged Israeli military training.

“Palestinians accuse the army of conducting military exercises near their homes in order to eventually kick them out and take over their land for settlement purposes.” WAFA added.

The report confirmed that “Israeli military officials have already admitted that the purpose of these exercises is to push Palestinians out of the Jordan Valley.”

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