Israel’s “Jewish Nation-State” Law Inflames 70 Years Of Inequality & Discrimination Against Non-Jews

Israel Knesset passed a law the “nation-state bill,” last Thursday that declares Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people, the right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people, and promises to encourage and advance Jewish settlement with a “united Jerusalem” as its capital.

While many people in Israel’s sizeable Arab minority speak in Arabic, the new law established Hebrew as the official language of Israel and downgrades Arabic to a language with “special status,”.

On Wednesday, Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett accused his own government of making a mistake in the Jewish Nation-State Law, charging that it harms Israel’s Druze minority.

The head of the right-wing Jewish Home party said: “It has become clear that the manner in which the Nation-State Law was enacted was very damaging, especially to them and to anyone who has tied his fate to the Jewish state,” Bennett added, “This, of course, was not the intention of the Israeli government. These are our brothers who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us on the battlefield and made a covenant with us — a covenant of life. We, the Government of Israel, have a responsibility to find a way to heal the rift.”

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The Amnesty International also condemned the Israelis controversial law, noting that it risks alienating other religious and ethnic minorities.

In a Twitter statement, the human rights watchdog said: “By passing the nation-state bill #Israel has entrenched & exacerbated 70 yrs of inequality & discrimination against non-Jews in a law with constitutional status.”

“#Palestinians (~20% of Israel’s pop.) are now officially 2nd class citizens. #Israel must uphold human rights for all!” it added.

The new legislation by Israel’s right-wing coalition government risks further alienating the Arab minority who argue they already face discrimination from Israeli Jews and the government and feel as though they are second-class citizens.

Israel’s 1948 foundational document promised that the country would “ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants regardless of religion, race or sex.” It also guaranteed “freedom of religion, conscience, language, education, and culture.”

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan, speaking on Tuesday to members of his ruling AK Party in parliament, said the law shows Israel is “the most Zionist, fascist and racist country in the world where the spirit of Adolf Hitler has re-emerged,” and “It legitimizes oppression.”

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation also called the law “racist, void and illegitimate.” as the European Union said that the new law would “complicate or prevent” the two-state solution.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s legislation, however, received support from an American white nationalist leader, Richard Spencer who said: “I have great admiration for Israel’s nation-state law. Jews are, once again, at the vanguard, rethinking politics and sovereignty for the future, showing a path forward for Europeans,”

This racist law rejects democracy and the concept of equal rights for the 20 per cent of Israeli citizens who are not Jewish. With Israel’s new law violating the UN’s principles, the United States can no more continue to shield Israel from accountability at the United Nations.

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