Jeremy Corbyn Attacks Government’s Relentless Cuts To Police
Mr Corbyn said the government can’t have public safety on the cheap

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Prime Minister of trying to run public services “on the cheap” and criticised the “relentless” Conservative cuts to police numbers which have left the country less safe.

During this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Corbyn condemned Theresa May for cutting 21,000 police officers.

“Too many people don’t feel safe, and too many people aren’t safe – we’ve just seen the highest rise in recorded crime for a quarter of a century,” the Leader said.

Mr Corbyn quoted chief constables in Lancashire, Merseyside and Bedfordshire who have said the government has left them with insufficient funds for fighting crime in their regions which officially rising by 14% in the most recent figures.

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“The chief constable of Lancashire says the Government’s police cuts have made it much more difficult to keep people safe, is he wrong?” Mr Corbyn asked.

“After seven years of cuts, will the prime minister today admit that her government’s relentless cuts to police, probation services and social services have left us less safe? The reality is you can’t have public safety on the cheap.” he added.

“Crime is up, violent crime rising, police numbers down and chief constables saying they no longer have the resources to keep communities safe.”

The prime minister, however, claimed crime was now at “record low levels” and said the government can “only pay for our public services if you have a strong economy”.

She went on criticising the City Hall record Sadiq Khan and praised Boris Johnson, claiming that: “When there was a Conservative mayor in London knife crime went down, now there’s a Labour mayor it’s going up,”

Mr Corbyn then quoted Tory backbencher Philip Davies, who said the government was “not putting enough focus on police resources”.

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