Jeremy Corbyn Demands Apology And Damages From A Tory Mp For His “Libellous” Tweet
Lawyers acting for Labour leader have written to Conservative Party Vice Chair to demand an apology and a donation to charity for his tweet

Jeremy Corbyn has demanded an apology and a donation to charity from a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party who falsely claimed he had “sold British secrets to communist spies”.

Lawyers for the Labour Leader have written to the Conservative Ben Bradley demanding a public apology for a “libellous tweet” which claimed Corbyn sold secrets to Communist spies.

“Corbyn sold British secrets to communist spies… get some perspective mate!! Your priorities are a bit awry! #AreYouSerious” Bradley tweeted.

Later, after the Labour leader threatened him with legal action, Bradley deleted his tweet. In a letter sent to Bradley, Corbyn’s lawyers noted that the spy allegation is damaging and potentially harmful, and demanding the apology, on Twitter, “in terms to be agreed with us”.

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The letter said: “we note that you have removed the tweet, but nevertheless, serious harm has been caused by your libellous statement”, noting that his allegation had been cited in several publications.

“The natural and ordinary meaning of your words is our client made financial gain for such criminal acts and espionage,” the letter said.

“The four legal demands are that Mr Bradley: confirms in writing that the defamatory statement will not be repeated in any form; tweets an apology and asks followers to retweet it; makes a donation to a charity of Jeremy Corbyn’s choice in lieu of damages; and pays Jeremy Corbyn’s legal costs.” the letter added.

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