Jeremy Corbyn: I Will Keep Up Labour Momentum To Win 2022 Election, I’ve Got Loads Of Energy
Labour Leader has confirmed he can lead his party into the next general election, as he ruled out holding a second Brexit referendum.

Jeremy Corbyn said the Labour party accepted the UK was formally leaving the European Union but it would not allow the country to “go off a cliff in March 2019”.

While under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, the next general election is due in 2022, Mr Corbyn predicted a premature election occurring before then because of the collapse of Theresa May’s fragile government and the fact that the PM’s deal with the Democratic Unionist Party was “not sustainable”.

During an interview with The Independent, when asked whether he could sustain that momentum right for another four years, Mr Corbyn said: “Yep. We’ve got lots of energy. I’ve got loads of energy. I’m fine, I eat porridge every morning. Porridge and energy bars and I keep off alcohol and meat.”

The leader, now 68, told i newspaper that he intends to be ready to fight an election at any time and is pursuing a healthy lifestyle, including porridge for breakfast to keep himself in good shape.

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The Leader also denied that Labour’s position on Brexit is “confusing” and ruled out a second referendum on the Brexit deal, saying: “Our position is that we are not advocating a second referendum,”

“We have had a referendum which came to a decision. The negotiations are still ongoing, albeit well behind schedule, and we’ve set out the kind of relationship we want to have with Europe in the future.” Mr Corbyn added: “on Labour’s Brexit stance, I don’t think it’s confusing.”

The Leader also noted: “We are formally leaving the European Union, of course, that is the position, (but we want to) develop a good economic relationship with Europe and recognise the interdependence of our industries.”

“The scenarios are that the Conservatives implode to some degree or their position becomes untenable and they decide to call another election and we’ll take the battle out there.”

Mr Corbyn in his Commons office shortly before the Christmas recess said: “we did have the biggest vote for Labour in England since 1970 and the biggest swing since the Second World War. And it was achieved during the campaign which was unusual.”

“I did 100 events myself during the general election campaign and traveled the length and breadth of the land on it. We didn’t quite win – that’s my great regret.” He added.

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