Jeremy Corbyn Promises To Put National Grid In Public Hands In Order To Tackle Climate Change
The Labour Leader has promised to nationalise all of the UK's energy companies in order to avoid the “climate catastrophe” threatened by global warming.

Jeremy Corbyn said he will make averting “climate catastrophe” a central aim if he wins power, noting that it can only be achieved with public ownership of Britain’s energy system.

Last night, Labour accused companies of paying out the “scandalous” sum of £13.5bn in dividends to shareholders since 2010, while claiming huge tax breaks and forcing up prices for millions of customers.

During his speech, Mr Corbyn said his party would be “at least as radical” as the post-war Clement Attlee administration which built the NHS and the welfare state.

“The challenge of climate change requires us to radically shift the way we organise our economy,” the leader said.

“In 1945, elected to govern a country ravaged by six years of war, the great Attlee Labour Government knew that the only way to rebuild our economy was through a decisive turn to collective action. Necessary action to help avert climate catastrophe requires us to be at least as radical.”

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Mr Corbyn said Labour would sweep away the “centralised system” of energy delivery, dominated by the much-criticised Big Six private firms, in favour of one with “new sources of energy large and small”.

During his party’s “alternative models of ownership” conference in central London, the Leader said: “We can put Britain at the forefront of the wave of change across the world in favour of public, democratic ownership and control of our services and utilities,”

“From India to Canada, countries across the world are waking up to the fact that privatisation has failed, and taking back control of their public services.”

“The Labour leader raised the possibility of local communities being told to produce their own energy, which would then be hooked up to the national grid.”

“The greenest energy is usually the most local,” he added: “But people have been queuing up for years to connect renewable energy to the national grid. With the national grid in public hands, we can put tackling climate change at the heart of our energy system. To go green, we must take control of our energy.”

Last October, a Populus poll, commissioned by the Legatum Institute found that 83 per cent of the Britons supported nationalising water providers, while 77 per cent supported nationalising the electricity and gas networks and 76 per cent supported nationalising the railway network.

Mr Corbyn also attacked the Government’s environmental record for leaving a “trail of environmental destruction”.

He told the audience that nobody is fooled by “Michael Gove’s reinvention of himself as an eco-warrior,”

He went on: “This is a Government that has licensed fracking, declared a moratorium on renewable levies, while massively subsidising fossil fuels, dithered over tidal, held back onshore wind, U-turned on making all new homes zero carbon and is failing to take the necessary measures to meet our legal commitments to reduce CO2 emissions.”

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