Jeremy Hunt: What Has Actually Happened On My Watch Is The Biggest Expansion Of Mental Health Provision In Europe

Since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, under the faulty instructions of them, UK mental health provision has got much worse in many parts. In comparison with 2010, there are now 5,065 [excel] fewer beds for people with mental health problems and also about 5,000 [excel] fewer mental health nurses. The sick people have had to wait up to 50 months for treatment.

Although all the evidenced prove the difficult conditions of the people with mental health problems, yet The Conservative Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, claims mental health provision has only got better under his watch.

In a recent interview on 29 October, Andrew Marr targeted Hunt by the most controversial question.

“on your watch has provision for mental health got better or worse?”

Hunt responded by claiming :

“It’s got better…”

Hunt compounded his narrative later in the show, saying:

“What has actually happened on my watch is the biggest expansion of mental health provision in Europe”.

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Recently, Hunt has made misleading statements on mental health issues. On World Mental Health Day, he spoke to parliament, asserting:

“We’ve got 30,000 more people working in mental health today than we had when [Labour] left office”

Hunt then repeated the figure:

“We have 30,000 more professionals working in mental health than when my Government came into office.”

Lately, The Department of Health (DoH) asserted that Hunt’s statistic included all professionally qualified clinical NHS staff in England, not specifically mental health.

Hunt, once more twisted the truth by misleading information. It seems the Health Secretary can’t offer the mental health support people need due to the Conservative Party’s neoliberal policies.

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