Jeremy Hunt Found Dozing At Luxurious Hotel While People March To Demand More Cash For NHS
Theresa may’s health secretary was snoozing at an exclusive spa, while 60,000 Britons were marching to save the NHS.

Jeremy Hunt is caught snapping at the £395-a-night pig hotel and spa in Brockenhurst, Hants in 3.24pm, , the Mirror reported, as thousands  protesters joined a demonstration in London ending at downing street on Saturday for the crisis facing the NHS, which the Labour Leader has blamed on “Tories and austerity”.

The people carried placards with slogans including “more staff, more beds, more funds”, and “saving lives costs money, saving money costs lives”. They also chanted “keep your hands off our NHS” and shook banners criticising Hunt’s salary as they set off from warren street.

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The health secretary has a six-bed home in London which cost £1.7million in 2010 and a farmhouse in Godalming, surrey, which he paid £1.1million for in 2016.

One protester mocked up Hunt, depicting him with large ears, under the words “lie face”, while the hander repeatedly slammed a cottonwool pie into Hunt’s face.

The protest, called ‘NHS in crisis: fix it now’, was organised by the people’s assembly and health campaigns together and called on the Prime Minister to provide more beds, staff, and funds to ease the problems facing the NHS.

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Jeremy Corbyn posted a video on twitter today saying: “it can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that our NHS is crisis”, with the exception of Theresa may, Jeremy Hunt and the “rest of the Tories”.

“in the face of all the evidence – patients being treated in hospital corridors, people dying in the back of ambulances, hospitals in dire need of repair- they are refusing to give our NHS the money it needs and needs now.” he added: “the NHS will only survive if we fight for it.”

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