Jewish Fundamentalist Group Pushing For Third Temple Linked To the US And Israel Government

The Temple Institute, a fundamentalist group has said that an end of times prophecy ushering Armageddon has been fulfilled following the birth of a “flawless” red heifer. It is now found that the group has received donations from the country’s defence minister.

The Israeli Jewish fundamentalist group promotes the construction of a third temple on the ruins of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The group now has announced the birth of the first red calf in Israel for 2,000 years. The temple institute in Jerusalem said that it would undergo extensive examinations to determine if it is red all over.

Jewish extremists believe that a biblical prophecy predicting the end of days has come true.

According to the Temple Institute, if the female baby calf is found to be “blemish free” and completely red, the institute will declare that the calf will bring the promise of reinstating biblical purity to the world.

According to some conservative reading of the scripture, the red heifer is believed to be central to the prediction about the “end of times”. After sacrificing the red cow, the prophecy states that construction can begin on the third temple in Jerusalem.

Constructing the third temple is a goal which the Temple Institute and a number of other groups worldwide are determined to do. Their goal is to full fill the prophecy by building the third temple on Mount Moriah also known as the temple mount.

According to a recent report, the Temple Institute receives donations from Israeli Deputy Defence Minister Eli Ben-Dahan who donated $12,000 to the organisation five years ago when he was head of Israel’s Rabbinical courts and indirect financial support from the US from which two organisations donated over $50,000 a few years ago.

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