Labour Criticises British Military For ‘Direct Involvement’ In Yemen War
Corbyn urged May to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia over its intervention in Yemen

Labour Leader has ctiticised Theresa May over her lavish welcome for Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

Jeremy Corbyn said the UK is “directing the war” being waged by Saudi Arabia in Yemen and clashed with the Prime Minister before her controversial meeting with bin Salman.

Corbyn used the PMQ to accuse May of failing to stand up to the Saudis over human rights abuses and war crimes in Yemen.

He also accused May of “colluding in what the United Nations say is evidence of war crimes” and urged the PM to use the meeting to “halt the arms supplies and demand an immediate ceasefire in Yemen” which suffers the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the era.

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“A humanitarian disaster is now taking place in Yemen. Millions face starvation, 600,00 children have cholera because of the Saudi led bombing campaign and the blockade,” Corbyn said.

He added: “Germany has suspended arms sales to Saudi Arabia, but British arms sales have sharply increased and British military advisers are directing the war.”

The leader continued: “It cannot be right that her government is colluding in what the United Nations says is evidence of war crimes.”

The PM defended her links with the Saudi crown prince, who met the Queen on Wednesday and claimed engagement was the only way to effect Saudi Arabia.

The Labour leader but called the “shocking abuse of human rights in Saudi Arabia, with indiscriminate arrests and executions widespread”.

Speaking after PMQs, Labour’s spokesman said arms sales and the involvement of British military personnel provided a level of complicity over the situation in Yemen.

“Britain has not only increased arms supplies to Saudi Arabia dramatically since the start of the war, not only supports the war, as Theresa May said in the chamber just now, but British military personnel advise the Saudi air force and military on targeting – and so there is a direct involvement in the conduct of the war,” he said.

“Which as we know has led to very large numbers of civilian casualties and very clear evidence of the targeting of schools and hospitals. Very large numbers of children have been killed.” He added.

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