Lord Heseltine Admits Some Tories Wish Jeremy Corbyn Was Prime Minister
Michael Heseltine said the British economy turned from the fastest growing to the slowest growing economy in Europe.

Former deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine has slammed Theresa May’s latest speech as just more “phrases, generalisations and platitudes”, noting that some Tories would rather see Jeremy Corbyn become British prime minister than let Brexit go ahead.

The pro-EU minister said it is the UK Parliament which must urgently address the disputed issue of Northern Ireland’s border, which became a stumbling block during the ongoing Brexit talks.

Mr Heseltine said on Friday that the PM had “no majority” for the sort of Brexit, outside the customs union and single market, that she wanted.

Talking to the Observer, he said: “The speech just moves us further down the cherry-picking road. It set out the cherries that Britain wants to pick but that approach completely ignores the fact that the EU has said, ‘sorry there is no cherry picking’.”

He stressed that 18 months after the referendum on Brexit, “no one has got any answer” about how to get any closer with the issues, including the Irish border.

“Why is it that after 18 months since the referendum we have not got any closer with these issues? The answer is simple: because no one has got any answer about how to do it.” Mr Heseltine said.

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According to the former deputy PM, the only way forward was for the issues to be put back to parliament, and then to an election or referendum. “The downsides are becoming more evident as time passes. We have had a serious devaluation of the currency. We have turned ourselves from the fastest growing to the slowest growing economy in Europe and we have made a complete Horlicks of the Irish border. I am totally with the view of Tony Blair and John Major that this matter has got to go back to parliament and possibly to a referendum or a general election.”

Formerly, he also told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme that there are some Conservatives who feel so strongly about the European issue that they would rather Corbyn government than to see Britain make this calamitous mistake Brexit.

“There are an increasing number of people, particularly the young people, and by that I mean under 40, who today think that Corbyn is an alternative they can live with.” Mr Heseltine added.

Then, he admired the “very brave” Tory MPs who have threatened to vote with Labour in order to defeat the government when there is a Commons vote on the customs union.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling also dismissed Mrs May’s Brexit speech on February 2, noting that the PM will recognise that “it is not about cherry-picking,” adding: “we can’t have everything that we might like to have because we are leaving,”

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