Macron Calls Fellow European Leaders To Stand Firm Against Theresa May

The French president has called his fellow European leaders to stand firm against Theresa May’s demand for compromise and remain united in the face of Brexit.

Speaking at a summit in Salzburg, Emmanuel Macron said EU unity to defend the “clear principles” must take precedent over any other considerations.

“May spoke last night.” Macron told reporters, according to The Guardian. “My first wish is to stay united and to have a common approach, the 27. It is essential. The second thing is that we remain coherent. The solution must be found. The third thing is that we need to have a real retirement agreement by November,”

Prime Minister told EU leaders on Wednesday evening that the UK has “put forward serious and workable proposals” and that it was now up to the EU to “respond in kind” and “evolve its position.”

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She told her 27 other bosses over dinner: “We all recognise that time is short but delaying or extending the negotiations is not an option.”

“I know that for many of you Brexit is not something you want,” May added. “But it’s important to be clear that there will be no second referendum in the UK. The public has delivered its verdict, and as Prime Minister, I will deliver on that. The UK will leave of 29th of March next year.”

The French president stood firm on the EU’s demands over a “backstop” arrangement for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, saying: “We have very clear principles regarding the integrity of the single market and regarding precisely the Irish border,”

“We need a UK proposal precisely preserving this backstop in the framework of a withdrawal agreement.” Macron said.

Hungary’s nationalist prime minister Viktor Orbán told reporters that he and a group of other leaders were “getting a majority” for a deal with Britain.

“The other camp would like to deliver evidence that to make that kind of decision is to be punished and that the British must suffer,” Orbán said. “I don’t like that approach at all.”

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