Majority Of Conservative Mps Want Theresa May To Quit In Next Election: Ex-Tory Chancellor
The ex-Tory chancellor said there was increasing opposition to a hard Brexit as May continued her offer to get EU talks back on track.

The former Tory chancellor George Osborne told the journalists in Westminster that there is a “consensus view” among Conservative MPs that Theresa May cannot remain as Prime Minister until the next election in 2022.

Mr Osborne said most Conservative MPs want a new leader before the next election and that Mrs May has made a “huge mistake” in disregarding the 48% who voted Remain in the EU referendum. He said:

“The essential question is going to be – is there going to be a change of leadership in this Parliament?”

“The Conservative Party parliamentary party assumes there will be, the Prime Minister has said nothing about that.”

“And at some point that is going to come to a head.”

Mr Osborne accused Mrs May of failing to defend the Conservatives’ economic record and of presenting her party as “against the future” in June’s general election campaign.

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Osborne was sacked by Mrs May when she became Prime Minister and now he works as an editor of the Evening Standard. Osborne accused the PM of abandoning the “compassionate Conservatism” he and David Cameron had sought to create within their own party. He believed the PM’s approach to Brexit had cost the Conservatives their majority this Spring. He added:

“I’m hugely impressed that the Conservative leadership won in Stoke and Mansfield and Middlesbrough which did not happen when I was in charge of general elections.”

“But we lost in Bath and in Bristol and in Reading and in Brighton, and indeed in the home constituency of the Evening Standard, Kensington.”

“You’ve got to be able to try and hold both and if you say to 48% of the country, ‘decision over, we don’t want to hear from you again’, 48% of the country will make their voice heard.”

The ex-Tory chancellor said although the PM would survive a vote of confidence in the House of Commons that was not the true test of the strength of her leadership. Osborne added:

“If you as a party set yourselves against the future, if we’re hostile to business, if we think they’re the problem not the solution, if the cabinet game becomes who can get the most money out of the chancellor, if we’re anti-tech, if we talk about building homes but pretend they can only be built on brownfields, then we will lose our economic credibility and cause damage to our country’s future,”

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