Mogherini Pokes Fun At Netanyahu: “You Want Three States, Four, Five, Ten?”
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister has urged Europe to follow US policy and recognise Jerusalem as Israelis capital.

On Monday, during a meeting in Brussels, the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini rejected Netanyahu’s suggestion and said the EU member states will not move their embassies to Jerusalem and put pressure on Israel to restart Middle East peace efforts.

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Mogherini said Netanyahu expects others to follow US president, Donald Trump’s decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem. “He can keep his expectations for others because from the EU member states’ side this move will not come.” She added.

Mogherini slammed Netanyahu in response to his comment that “peace must be built on reality”, Mogherini replied: “You want three states, four, five, ten? Two states are the only viable and realistic option.”

“we are not working on a specific European Union initiative, [but] are not simply sitting in a waiting-for-Godot attitude”, Mogherini said and added that the EU will commit to the peace process.

Mogherini also criticised US decision to relocate its embassy, saying that “an international and regional framework is necessary for negotiations to take root.”

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