Myanmar Army Used Israel Weapons In Ethnic Cleansing Of Rohingya Muslims; Israeli Journalist Says

Israeli weapons have been used by the Myanmar army which is accused of the ethnic and religious cleansing of the Rohingya Muslim minority, persecuting about 725,000 Muslims who were slaughtered and fled from their country, Israeli writer and journalist Tsur Shezaf revealed.

In an article published by the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, Shezaf wrote: “Israel contributed to the grievances of Rohingya Muslims through its refusal to abide by the UN international boycott resolutions to prevent supplying Myanmar with arms.”

The journalist continued: “Israel and Myanmar have longstanding historical ties, and it is not reasonable that we repeat today the same mistakes that we made in South Africa, during the apartheid regime, with Myanmar which is committing ethnic cleansing crimes. Currently, Israel is contributing to a new tragedy.”

Last week, United Nations reported that the Myanmar military committed genocide and crimes against Rohingya Muslims, including rape, torture, enslavement, violence against children and the destruction of entire villages.

In November 2017, Israel’s Foreign Ministry admitted it had formerly sold weapons to Myanmar, but claimed he had frozen all military sales several months ago, however, a testimony from Myanmar shows the weapons sales are continuing, even in the midst of the crimes.

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Israeli spokesmen justified the supplying of weapons with the claim that “both sides committed war crimes,” a claim that the UN rejected.

Israel, which has faced criticism in recent years over arms sales to Myanmar, has a long history of arming dark regimes, from Latin America through the Balkans and Africa, to Asia.

It was one of the few countries selling weapons to South Africa during apartheid and only stopped selling weapons to Rwanda during the genocide there after the UN Security Council passed a resolution that put an arms embargo on the country.

Shezaf noted in his article that “the Rohingyas are subjected to systematic deportation and ethnic cleansing by the Myanmarese and Buddhists in the western side of Myanmar.” he added, “They are forced to stay in refugee camps set up by Bangladesh on small areas, sheltering one million women, toddlers, men, elders, and infants.”

“Millions live amidst poor environmental circumstances, where they cannot have a minimum of decent living conditions.” The journalist said, “Today after Rohingyas’ lives became almost impossible, the UN woke up and officially declared that Myanmar, including the army, the police as well as the Buddhist establishment and even the Prime Minister and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, are all responsible for killing an entire population.”


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