Netanyahu’s Corruption Cases Will Be “Earth-Shattering”; Ex-Police Official Says
The recommendations will be announced and they will have information such as the specific charges and a complete list of the people involved.

The recommendations on Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption cases are expected to be announced in the coming weeks and their consequences will be like earth-shattering, a former external adviser to the Israel Police said.

Lior Horev said the recommendations to indict Netanyahu will be announced “within a period of two to three weeks” and after that, the Knesset will call to hold early elections as soon as next May.

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During a speech at the conference of “Association of Media Consultants” in Eilat, Horev said the recommendations will bear “a lot of information that we didn’t know – and it will cause an earthquake here.”

“When they [the recommendations] will be announced, they will have information such as the specific charges and a complete list of the people involved,” he said.

Horev noted that Netanyahu is not running a campaign for his innocence, but “a campaign to keep the coalition intact”.  He added saying: “it is a political campaign, not a legal one, and so far he is succeeding. He is keeping his coalition in one piece despite very complicated investigations.”

Yet, Horev believes that “Netanyahu has crossed the Rubicon in which he became a burden for the Likud.”

The former police adviser said: “Anyone who attributes to the prime minister even one ounce of lack of planning is doing him an injustice,”

Horev added that there is no better prepared political creature around, none tighter and riper than Benjamin Netanyahu.

He said the main threat facing the Likud today is a “campaign of ‘We had enough of your corruption,’” the very slogan that gave Likud its first victory over the left back in 1977, “the only campaign in Israeli politics that can bridge left and right,” Horev said referring to a large-scale anti-corruption rally that had been held Saturday night in right-leaning Jerusalem in conjunction with an identical rally in left-leaning Tel Aviv and other major cities.

The former advisor to Israel police had resigned last month after an ongoing wave of criticism against him. he had claimed that some officials are trying to sabotage and delegitimize the police and its actions.

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