New Evidence Of Saudi And US Dirty Money; Abbadi Left The Only Patron Of Baghdad Alone
The response of Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi to US sanctions against Iran is a kind of political and moral destruction.

Indeed, in his literature, he argued that his heart was against the cruel sanctions of the United States with Iran and his sword with Israel, Al Saud and Tramp.

It seems that the kind of position of China-Russia, and even India and other Western secular nations, to be more brilliant and Islamic than the positions of the Iraqi Prime Minister in the international community, against US sanctions against the United States.

Heydar al-Abadi, in his political encounter with Iran, proved that the trail is on a path that will ultimately lead to the defeat of Donald Trump and Iran’s victory. He is definitely gambling on his political future and, in addition to relying on morality, has betrayed Islamic values ??that support the religious brothers against threats.

Now, with relative tranquility in Iraq, it seems that he has forgotten how the Islamic Republic of Iran, alone, stood against Iraq and its great nation, to stand up against the great security threats in this country, with the support of great references, to immitate victory and easily to evil ISIL’s evil-faced forces will be repelled in Iraq.

In this situation, it is not a bad thing to recall how the Iraqi government, with its full weakness against ISIS, was disappointing and defeated against this terrorist group, while if the Iranian aid to the government of Baghdad was not believed by many Iraqi governors Defeat for the country was definite and real.

By analyzing the behavior of Heidar al-Abadi in recent days, some analysts have come to the conclusion that he is rapidly changing political orientations and close proximity to the United States and Saudi Arabia to maintain power in Iraq. In fact, he steps in with the motto of patriotism, with the end of which he will be fully committed to the policies of Saudi Arabia and America.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi people are well aware of the volume of support from the United States and Saudi Arabia to ISIS in the West Asian region, and know that Saudi Arabia has repeatedly supported the financial and logistical support of the group to fight in Syria and Iraq was struck.

Now, observers are very worried that the political games of Hyderabad in Iraq will be a kind of introduction of the US political coup in Iraq and will put Iraq at a dangerous abyss.

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