New Poll: Prime Minister Plunges To Her Lowest Leadership Ratings
An exclusive poll revealed yesterday that UK Prime Minister’s leadership ratings have hit a new low with just a third of the public satisfied with her.

The Ipsos MORI poll came after a series of controversies and scandals recently striking Theresa May and her Conservative party. The controversial speech at the Conservative Party conference, two Cabinet resignations, Westminster’s sex scandals and Tory warfare over Brexit all led the PM to plunge to her lowest leadership ratings so far.

The poll showed PM’s performance satisfaction rating descended five points to -27 and just 32% of respondents satisfied with her performance as a PM, while 59% were dissatisfied.

The poll suggests that three-quarters of the citizens see the Conservatives as divided, the worst score when Mr Cameron was PM was 68 per cent in 2013. Only 43% think the party is still fit to govern and just 27% think the Conservatives offer a good team of leaders. When asking about the economy, 58% of the voters think things will get worse in the year ahead.

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A head of political research at Ipsos Mori said that despite Labour pulling ahead of the Tories, Corbyn’s party were yet “to open up a clear lead on being seen as ready for government”.

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