New Study Shows White Nationalists Are Planning Attacks In Uk Thorough Internet
Key figures from the European Identitarian movement have met in London 'to discuss starting new UK branch'

White nationalists and neo Nazis are “weaponising internet culture” in an increasingly coordinated effort to spread their radical ideas around the world – and the UK is their next major target.

Researchers who spent three months undercover inside European and American movements said Britain was seen as key a “bridge” to link up growing radical movements in the EU and US.

Julia Ebner, a research fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), told The Independent members of the ethno-nationalist Identitarian movement met in London over the weekend with the aim of starting a new British branch.

Among key figures believed to be at the meeting was the Austrian co-leader of Génération Identitaire Martin Sellner, who also headed the Defend Europe mission that claimed to combat the flow of refugees from Libya to Europe, and American alt-right activist Brittany Pettibone.

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Ms Ebner said the extremists were also interested in setting up branches in Ireland and Scotland, adding: “They’ve seen that there is a vacancy there because the UK has either very traditionalist street movements like the English Defence League (EDL) and British National Party (BNP), or the very hard-right and violent ones like National Action who are now terrorist organisations.

“There wasn’t really anything in between and that’s the niche they are trying to fill.”

Official figures suggests Britain is an increasingly fertile ground for the divisive ideology, with police figures showing dramatic rises in hate crime as around a third of extremists referred to Government programmes are from the far-right.

The terror attack that targeted Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park, murder of Labour MP Jo Cox and pipe bombing plot have all been linked to extreme nationalism and there are fears of more violence if radicalisation continues.

Calling for urgent action across Britain, Europe and the US, researchers said it “is imperative that counter-strategies are developed which match the sophistication of the extreme right on a technological, cultural and communications level”, adding: “Policy makers, technology companies, practitioners and activists need to work closely together to challenge the extreme-right.”

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