New Survey: Half Of Britons Believe NHS Has Got Worse Under Tories

A new survey has found that almost half of people in England believe the NHS has got worse since the Tories came to power.

According to the survey, the majority of people polled would be happy to pay a penny more in income tax if it went straight to the NHS.

About 75% said they agreed or strongly agreed that NHS workers’ pay should be increased in line with inflation.

According to research carried out by the Google Consumer Surveys network, just 17.7 per cent of people thought the health service had improved in the seven years since the Tories took office while 47.2 per cent thought it had got worse.

Stephen Dorrell, the former Conservative Health Secretary said the Government did not adequately prepare the NHS for winter and hospitals struggle to cope with increasing demand.

Recently, Health secretary Jeremy Hunt apologised to patients while the Prime Minister Theresa May claimed: “The NHS has been better prepared than ever this winter”.

“I want to apologise for the fact that we’ve had to, regrettably, postpone a number of operations.” Mr Hunt said.

According to Evening Standard, the NHS is on “black alert” as the winter crisis escalates and people wait up to 12 hours in A&E. It emerged that 4,700 patients were stuck in ambulances for over an hour because A&E departments had run out of space.

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Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary said: “The British public know you simply can’t trust the Tories with the NHS. The truth is the Tories are running our NHS down, cutting it back and privatising it off.”

Jonathan Ashworth added: “We’ve lost thousands of beds, we’re thousands short of the nurses, doctors and midwifes we need, and the elderly are left without the care support they deserve. Labour created the NHS and on it’s 70 birthday we’ll fight alongside the British people to defend it”

The survey also found only 19.4 per cent of people trust the Tories to run the NHS. Labour was the most trusted on health with 35.5 per cent while almost 34.5 per cent said they didn’t trust any political party with the job.

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