New Yougov Poll Suggests More Britons Support Jeremy Corbyn After The Spy Stories
64 per cent of the voters believed the spy claims had made absolutely no difference to their opinion on Corbyn

Amid allegations by Tory vice-chairman and a former Czech spy against the Labour Leader, a new poll shows that those claims have not reduced Britons’ support for Jeremy Corbyn and his party.

A new YouGov poll for the Times on Saturday reveals a large majority of people have not changed their mind about the Labour party and its leader because of the claims that Corbyn met a spy from the then-Communist state in the House of Commons in the 1980s.

The poll found that just 8 per cent of voters thought worse of Corbyn because of the claims, but 6 per cent thought better of him. Almost 64 per cent of the participants believed the stories had made absolutely no difference to their opinion on the Labour party.

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According to the poll, the party’s support has actually increased since the spy story began. Corbyn’s support has gone up one point to 42 per cent, while the Tories unchanged on 40 per cent.

Last week, the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records (BStU), who oversees the archives of East Germany’s secret police, said their searches “have not produced any records or any other information” on Corbyn.

The leader admitted to meet the spy but said he believed the man was a diplomat and branded the claims “smears” that were totally false.

Corbyn also said his party would “open up” the media and suggested the reporting showed how “worried” media bosses were by the prospect of a Labour government.

last week, a survey by YouGov for Queen Mary University of London found that only 28 per cent of Londoners supported the Conservative against 54 per cent for Labour.

Lawyers for the Labour Leader also demanded an apology and a donation to charity from a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party Ben Bradley for his “libellous tweet” which claimed Corbyn sold secrets to Communist spies.

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