New Yougov/Times Poll: Majority Of People Believe Boris Johnson Should Be Sacked

A new YouGov/Times poll has proved that Plurality of voters wanted the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson sacked.

The poll suggested that 44% of voters think Johnson should be sacked while just 26% said he should remain in his job.

Out of Conservative participants, 49% want him to stay, while 31% wanted him gone.

Up 44% of leavers said they wanted Johnson to stay UK’s foreign secretary and on the other side, 67% of remainders voted for his replacement.

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The poll also asked about seven other key cabinet figures. The voters were satisfied with the performances of Amber Rudd, David Davis, and Philip Hammond.

61% of voters said David Davis should remain Brexit secretary.

The poll also put support for the Conservative party on 40%, Labour on 43% and the Liberal Democrats on 6%.

The poll also revealed that 32% of voters think Theresa May shouldn’t remain the Conservative Party leader.

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