“NHS Is Being Recklessly Put At Risk By Her Government.”; Corbyn Hit May At PMQs
The Prime Minister and Labour Leader faced each other for the last time in 2017 in a special Christmas edition of Prime Minister's Questions session in the Commons.

The Labour accused Theresa May of “recklessly putting the NHS at risk” and told the House of Commons that the failure to meet waiting time targets was endangering lives.

Jeremy Corbyn used five questions to hit the government’s record on the health service. He started by asking the PM: “Has the NHS got the resources it needs this winter to deal with this crisis?”

Mrs May responded saying: “The health service has prepared more extensively for this winter than ever before.”

Mr Corbyn referred to last week when 12,000 patients were kept in the back of an ambulance on arrival at hospitals because there was “no room at the A&E”.

He stated that A&E waiting time targets haven’t been met for 2.5 years and cancer treatment targets haven’t been met for two years.

The Leader also said A&E departments are bursting at the seams because the government failed to guarantee that people can get a GP appointment when they need one. Mr Corbyn warned: “These delays risk lives”

Then, Mr Corbyn asked the PM whether the NHS had the funding it needed and she replied saying that the honorable gentleman knows full well NHS funding is at record levels.

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Mr Corbyn reacted saying that the funding levels are nowhere near the figure the head of the NHS asked for. “Sir Simon Stevens did say the NHS needs £4bn next year just to stand still and the reality is the government has given Mr Stevens less than half than what he asked for.” He added.

The leader asked Mrs May to confirm all targets will be met in 2018 when the PM hit back at him by falling back on the situation in the NHS in Labour-run Wales.

Mrs May said that in Wales: “On cancer care the standard was last met in 2008”. Mr Corbyn said: “The Welsh government relies on a block grant from England that has been cut by 5%”

“Despite that, in Wales, 85.5% of cancer patients start treatment within 62 days. Higher than in England.”

The PM said more people are getting the treatment they need, and “6,500 more people are alive if we hadn’t improved our cancer care.”

Mr Corbyn said: “The Prime Minister today has shown how out of touch she is the truth is our NHS is being recklessly put at risk by her government.”

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