Nick Clegg rips Theresa May Over BBC Interview; “We’re Now Going To Be Told ‘It’s My Way Or No Way’”
Clegg said it is a “deep disservice to our democratic traditions” to have a PM who says: “You’ve got no choices left, it’s my fudge or the abyss”

The British Prime Minister has warned her critics that they have a choice between Brexit deal she strikes in Brussels or no deal at all.

Amid rising criticism from rebels within her divided party who threatened to vote down her plan, Theresa May told the BBC’s Panorama programme on Monday that the only alternative to her proposed Chequers plan is to leave the EU without a deal.

“I think that the alternative to that will be having no deal,” the PM told the BBC as she hit out at Brexiteer plans to solve the Irish border issue, claiming that there should be “friction-free movement of goods” between the UK and Ireland with no customs or regulatory checks after Brexit.

“You don’t solve the issue of no hard border by having a hard border 20km inside Ireland,” May said.

Asked by BBC Radio 4’s Nick Robinson whether she was saying “my deal or no deal”, the PM replied: “I believe we will get a good deal. We will bring that back from the EU negotiations and put that to parliament. I think that the alternative to that will be not having a deal.”

She claimed that only her Brexit plan would avoid friction at the UK’s borders with the EU, including in Ireland.

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In an article to in the Daily Telegraph, former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson attacked the PM’s proposals as a “car crash” and a “constitutional abomination”.

Johnson wrote the PM is leading the country toward “a spectacular political car crash” and is failing to resolve the border question had led to “a constitutional abomination.”

Former deputy prime minister Sir Nick Clegg told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the PM was presenting Britain with a “con trick” choice on Brexit.

“Of all the con tricks we have been subject to in this whole sorry Brexit saga – from the lies in the referendum to the so-called virtues of what is nothing more than an inelegant fudge in Chequers – I think the worst is now to come.” he told BBC.

“The idea that the only thing this country should accept is a fudge or the abyss is not only, I think, an insult to the intelligence of British voters, but it’s simply not true,” Clegg said.

“We’re now going to be told: ‘It’s my way or no way’ – it’s either the Chequers fudge or a sort of cataclysmic cliff edge.” Former Liberal Democrat leader said.

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