Nigel Farage Defends His £132,000 EU Pensions: “Of Course I Would Take It”
Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader will receive a pension from the EU after his retirement which is estimated to be £132,000 a year.

Currently, Farage said he would be able to receive £73,000 when he reaches the age of 63 in ten years, although the estimated pension is £59,000 more than he expected.

The former leader has two EU pension and after the £39billion divorce settlement the PM has agreed to pay for Brexit, the UK taxpayer will help fund them.

During the Andrew Marr’s BBC show previous Sunday, Farage defended his pension when he was asked whether he would take it or not. He responded: “Of course I would take it. I have said that right from day one. Why should my family and others suffer even more?”

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Lib Dem Brexit spokesman Tom Brake criticised Farage for being a “shameless hypocrite”. He slammed Farage and said: “he rails against the so-called EU gravy train” but “is happy to cash in when it suits him.”

Earlier this week, after Mrs May agreed on a Brexit divorce deal, Farage attacked the government and described the process as a “humiliation”.

Member of the European Parliament including Farage were allowed to sign up to a subsidised EU second pension scheme which is at least £187million in the red.

Once, Farage told the Sunday People: “Given the ­arbitrary nature of the EU I’ll be lucky if I get it. Anyway, there are 22,000 UK citizens ­entitled to EU pensions so why are you only asking me?”

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