Noel Gallagher Accuses Theresa May And Boris Johnson Of Lying About Brexit
“They’re still lying to us now! Theresa May, bless her, is lying about the deal.”

Noel Gallagher has criticized the Prime Minister and Boris Johnson for lying about Brexit.

During the Hyundai Mercury music awards on 20th September, Gallagher was asked about the process of Britain leaving the EU.

Joining the Good Morning Britain, the 51-year-old rocker said: “They’re still lying to us now! Theresa May, bless her, is lying about the deal.”

The former Oasis man said: “And the ‘remoaners’, or whatever they’re called, are lying about what’s going to happen”. Gallagher took aim at claims that Brexit would provide the NHS with an additional £350 million per week, saying: “Then there’s the £350 million from Boris Johnson and all the rest of them.”

“They should leave us out of it! Tell us what it is and we’ll get on with it.” He added.

Gallagher was present at last night’s event, after Noel and the High Flying Birds were nominated for 2017’s ‘Who Built The Moon’.

Lily Allen, 33, who was also asked about her views on Brexit negotiation, said: “unless you’re a well-versed economist, then you’re not going to really understand the intricacies of Brexit and trade deals etc.”

“Unless of course, you’re Piers Morgan in which case you know everything!” Allen joked, taking an aim at the Good Morning Britain host.

Piers later shots back, saying Allen “finally,” said something “intelligent.”

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