NRA Is Going Bankrupt And People Are Making The Same Joke

Times are reportedly rough for the National Rifle Association. And Americans are responding in an appropriate—and entertaining—way. Earlier this week, Rolling Stone obtained an updated lawsuit filed by the NRA.

In the lengthy complaint, the notoriously powerful US non-profit organisation said it is dealing with serious financial challenges that will potentially lead to its demise.

The complaint continued that this coverage is necessary for its off-site meetings, rallies, and assemblies and that this overall lack of funding could lead to disastrous consequences; in fact,

The NRA says the so-called “campaign” has resulted in “tens of millions of dollars in damages” that could jeopardize the organization’s future.

When Rolling Stone broke the news, Twitter users were quick to share the article – alongside a sarcastic response, of course.

So how are people on the internet responding to this delightful news? By sending the NRA “thoughts and prayers”, the same bullshit support the group and many other gun-loving conservatives constantly offer to victims of gun violence. Here are some of the condolences sent by far:

Even ‘God’ have some words to say.

Some people point out the overtly generous donations made by the NRA to influential Republican candidates and politicians.

The bankruptcy claims may be a ploy for more donations or a surefire sign that America’s collective stance on gun control could finally be challenged, but one thing for sure, the Internet clearly has one collective reaction to news of the NRA’s struggles.

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