Pentagon Discloses Conducting “Multiple Ground Operations” As Well As 120 Airstrikes In Yemen
The US Central Command, Centcom, in Tampa, Florida, said in a statement that Pentagon conducted “multiple ground operations and more than 120 airstrikes” in 2017 in Yemen.

After the inauguration, the US attacked the village of Yakla in January, claiming there was an al-Qaeda “collaborator” there. The troops destroyed most of the village in the offensive. The US President praised the Yakla attack “a huge success”, a characterization that many in his own party, including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., criticized.

The Defense Department also noted that the ISIS has doubled in size in the war-torn country, although they did claim they’d degraded al-Qaeda’s “propaganda” coming out of Yemen.

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Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters last week: “Right now, clearly ISIS is getting broken,” he added: “The fight is not over with them. Don’t believe it when somebody says that ISIS is completely down.”

The Defense Department has not been giving consistent updates on US operation in Yemen and the extent of counterterrorism operations in the country wasn’t clear before Wednesday.

The US has caused the humanitarian crisis by backing the Saudi invasion of Yemen. The widespread destruction from the US-backed Saudi airstrikes has displaced over a million people in the region. A severe cholera outbreak in the area has also claimed lives of at least 2,119 people, the Red Cross said. Another eight million Yemenis are on the verge of starvation.

The US-backed Saudi coalition airstrikes killed at least 136 civilians in just the past two weeks, also including seven airstrikes on a prison that killed 45 people and an assault on a farmhouse that killed 14 children and six adults.

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