Most People Believe “Important Domestic Issues” Are Ignored By Government Due To Brexit: New Poll
A poll by BMG Research has revealed a large majority of UK people believe the Government is struggling so comprehensive for a Brexit deal that other crucial issues have been just ignored.

About 60% of the voters believed UK ministers are ignoring challenges facing the country and neglecting the “important domestic issues” since they are all focusing on the Brexit matter.

Another poll by BMG Research revealed Labour Party edging ahead of the Conservatives by three points and Labour Leader’s satisfaction ratings beating those of Tory’s.

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According to the poll, most voters would support a new referendum on membership of the EU if the PM could not secure a post-Brexit deal.

The poll also found 54% of voters would back a second vote, to 46% against if Theresa May could not secure a Brexit deal and if the UK were left with no acceptable trade or customs arrangement with the EU after Brexit.

Some 74 per cent of 18-24 year olds voted to back a new referendum in the event of ‘no deal’, compared to only 40 per cent of over 55s with a view. 31 per cent of Conservatives supporters would back a second vote, compared 70 per cent of current Labour’s.

The poll shows one in five (21%) Leave voters would support a new referendum if Mrs May’s negotiations failed and the UK was left to trade under World Trade Organisation rules. 80% of Remain voters would also back a new referendum.

A majority of the BMG voters agreed that the government has spent too much time focusing on Brexit and has forgotten about important domestic issues. Only 3 per cent “strongly” disagreed giving a total of those who disagreed of just 14 per cent.

The government has proved how it is abstracted towards the challenges of Brexit when in October, it emerged that the civil service will have to hire an extra 8,000 staff to deal specifically with Brexit issues.

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