People Cover An Eye To Sympathize With 3 Months Karim, Symbol Of Syrians’ Suffering
The infant lost his left eye in the attack and his mother, Fadiya, was killed by the same bomb.

In late October, bombing in the besieged suburb near Damascus, Syria’s capital, destroyed 3 months Karim’s home and killed his mother. He’s now being cared for by his brothers, the oldest of whom is just 11 years old, and his father.

Karim was just two months old when was seriously injured during a bombardment, as part of the ongoing civil war in Syria. The Syrian infant lost his left eye in the attack and his mother, Fadiya, was killed by the same bomb as she shopped with her child.

Just ten days later, when the baby was discharged from a makeshift hospital, a bomb through the roof the house crushed his skull. Abu Muhammad, Karim’s father said: “Karim was wounded in his head and eyes. The bone in his head was broken.”

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A freelance photographer who works in Damascus, Amer Almohibany Tweeted: “I was very touched by this sad story. Even after I left Karim [he] did not leave my memory,” he added: “When I returned to the house stood in front of the mirror and covered my eyes with my hand and tried to live that experience.”

Almohibany photographed his son with one eye covered to invite the whole world to sympathize with innocent Syrian children who are still living under daily bombardment.

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Later, many Syrians and their children also posted pictures in support of Karim on Twitter, using the hashtag #SolidarityWithKarim. Karim has become a symbol of 400,000 civilians’s suffering in eastern Ghouta, the area which has been under siege since 2012.

UOSSM, the Union Of Medical Relief Organizations, which supports doctors in Syria also posted a photo to sympathize with Karim.

The British ambassador to the UN, Matthew Rycroft also joined the campaign and said: “When we sit around the #UNSC & warn that inaction will mean more people are going to die. More schools bombed. More children scarred. This is what we mean.” He added: “We must see an end to the bombardment and siege of eastern Ghouta.”

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