People Are Mocking Suspected Russian Assassins Of Sergei Skripal For The Bizarre Interview On RT

Two alleged assassins sent by the Kremlin to Salisbury became an Internet joke earlier this week after they claimed they were only in the city to visit its ‘magnificent’ cathedral.

In a bombshell interview on RT, the two-man said that “we were just happened to be in the city on the same day that double agent Sergei Skripal, as our friends had recommended that we visit the “internationally famous cathedral” and “its 123m spire.”

The UK Prime Minister accused the two-man, who have been identified as Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Petrov, of telling “lies and blatant fabrication”. Theresa may have said that their statement was “deeply offensive to the victims and loved one of this horrific attack.”

UK’s Foreign Secretary also said that ‘the last time Russian military claimed to be on holiday was when they invaded Ukraine in 2014.’

The Russians found themselves being mercilessly mocked by Twitter users who came up with some very funny ways of poking fun at them.

Two comedians engaged in an amusing back and forth.

It is now found that one of the suspects may or may not have left a review of Salisbury Cathedral on Trip Advisor.

Salisbury Cathedral also appeared to join the fun.

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