People Ridicule Theresa May For Delivering A “Bricksit” Speech While Popping “Out Of A Chimney”
Twitter trolls the PM for showing her full commitment to solving the housing crisis by delivering her speech inside a chimney

The Prime Minister has been ridiculed on Twitter as she delivered a keynote speech promising to penalise property developers who do not build homes quickly enough in front of a fake bricks background.

Some people poked fun at Theresa May, saying it looked as if she was “peeking out of the top of a chimney” to solve the housing crisis as she stood in front of a lectern covered in a printout of bricks.

Mra May attempted to shift focus away from Brexit by delivering a speech on the state of the housing market in Britain.

The PM said this year in one of the world’s largest, strongest economies, nobody “should be without a roof over their head.”

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She also claimed that this isn’t just the UK’s problem, since in recent years, homelessness has risen across Europe, but “it is source of national shame nonetheless.”

However, the design behind her speech, according to some users, showed the PM “back against the wall” in reference to the constant speculation over her leadership and control of Conservatives.

The BBC’s Michael Cowan also tweeted: “In other news, Theresa May is addressing the nation from inside a chimney this morning #buildingbritain.”

Another user said Mrs May should have given her speech on “Brick Lane” to make sure we got the reference to “BRICKS”

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