Photoshop Battle: Twitter Users Are Editing Trump’s ‘Fist Pumps’ Reaction And It’s Worth Watching

The US president arrived at the 9/11 memorial service in Pennsylvania with a fist pump celebration.

It was the least presidentially appropriate thing he could have done at such an event.

The inappropriate gesture mingled with a bizarre facial expression displayed a complete lack of judgment from the president but to be honest, we can hardly be surprised at anything he does anymore.

Fortunately, the awesome people of Twitter have been hard at work creating a set of hilarious memes out of Trump’s pose.

First, artist Rob Sheridan created a handy PNG of Trump and now the internet has gone wild with the POTUS and has ignited an all-out Photoshop war.

Here are some of our picks.

Fist pomp Donald trump in pop culture.

Some placed Trump into some of the more notorious moments of his presidency, so far.

There were more than a few Theresa May jokes.

There’s always time for his old friend Vladimir.

You can review the full battle at the replies to Rob’s original tweet.

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