Poll: Jeremy Corbyn Would Lose Votes To Vince Cable If He Backs Brexit At Next Election
The Labour Leader would lose votes to the Lib Dems if his party backs Brexit at the next election, a new poll has revealed.

The Liberal Democrats party would surge to 18% of the vote if Sir Vince Cable pledges to oppose Brexit while Labour and the Conservatives remain committed to leaving the EU, the HuffPost UK exclusive YouGov survey for the pro-EU Best for Britain campaign group finds.

The poll said a pro-Brexit Tory would lead the polls on 32% with pro-Brexit Labour trailing a distant second on 22%.

Under that scenario, a pro-Remain Lib Dem party would take 26% of its increased vote share from Labour.

Another YouGov poll carried out between 28-29 January put the Lib Dems on just 6% of the vote while the Conservatives and Labour Party were tied on 42%.

Jeremy Corbyn’s members of the shadow cabinet are reportedly set to meet in the coming days to make decisions about the party’s Brexit policy-  including whether to back continued membership of the customs union.

The poll reveals that if Mr Corbyn pledges to oppose leaving the EU going into the next election, Labour would narrow the gap with a pro-Brexit Conservative party.

The Tories would still lead on 36% under the same circumstances, but Labour would be close behind on 31%. The Lib Dems meanwhile would trail far behind on 7%.

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“The decision I took in the aftermath of the referendum to continue to fight to stay in the EU was based on principle,” Tim Farron, the former Lib Dem leader said, claiming that the figures proved his strategy had been justified.

“But it also doubled the membership of our party to its highest ever level and gave us a renewed purpose after the battering we’d received at the end of the coalition in 2015,” he added.

Mr Farron went on: “This poll is strong evidence that our decision was right and has given the Liberal Democrats a bold and unique message that is the best for Britain and transformational for our party.”

Formerly, leading pro-Europe Conservative MP Anna Soubry told the PM to “sling out” arch Brexiteers and threatened to quit the party and form a new political alliance.

Soubry claimed Theresa May faced the same fate as David Cameron and John Major unless she “stood up to” Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The ex-business minister told BBC Newsnight on Monday evening: “If it comes to it, I am not going to stay in a party which has been taken over by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson. They are not proper Conservatives.

“And if that means leaving the party, form some new alliance, God knows I don’t know. But we just simply cannot go on like this any longer.”

May’s Brexit “war cabinet” is due to meet on Wednesday and Thursday to continue discussions on the “end state” relationship which the UK will seek with its former EU partners.

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