Pregnant Woman In Saudi Arabia Would Face Death By Stoning
The family of a girl who has been detained in Saudi Arabia says she would face death sentence in a Saudi for having an affair with a fellow employee.

In 2014, Lavina Mapenzi Ngolo was recruited by an employment agency in Likoni and left for Saudi Arabia to work as a servant.

When she left, Ngolo had promised to return after two years to take care of her son, who was three years old at the time and who she left in the care of her sister.

He sister, Esther Kaidza, said the last the family heard of Ngolo was in September 2016, when an unknown woman called to say she had been arrested after her employer accused her of having an affair with a driver working in the same compound.

“There was first an Arab-speaking caller but there was a communication barrier. Then a Kenyan woman called to say Lavina was in custody because of a relationship she had with a driver and that she was pregnant,” said Kaidza.

Under Saudi law, Ngolo’s accusations could attract the death penalty. Her family reported the matter to Kenya’s Foreign Affairs ministry but has not received any answer.

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“We sent relatives to the ministry immediately we received the report. We were promised action but we have not heard from Government since then,” the sister said.

“We have no details of the town, employer or recruitment agent. We are afraid for her life,” said her brother, Katana Baya.

He said the family got informed that Ngolo could have been sentenced by a Saudi court and the penalty for her alleged crime is still unknown.

Fred Kombo, a Kenyan resident in Dubai said if they were charged under Saudi’s strict morality laws, both Ngolo and her boyfriend would have been promptly charged with the grave offence of adultery that attracts death by stoning for having an affair out of wedlock.

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