“Raise Your Game, Prime Minister”; Tory Minister Attacks “Timid And Unambitious” Theresa May
“There is a timidity and lack of ambition about Ms May’s Government which means it constantly disappoints,”

A Conservative MP and former minister slammed Theresa May for being “timid and unambitious” in a furious attack on the Prime Minster, accusing her of being “constantly disappointing”.

Nick Boles, who served as a minister in David Cameron’s government until 2016, launched a scathing attack on his party leader on Twitter, accused Ms May of “lacking ambition” and told the PM to “raise your game’. The MP also referred to the release of black cab rapist John Worboys, the housing crisis and NHS funding as key areas of concern.

“There is a timidity and lack of ambition about Ms May’s Government which means it constantly disappoints,” Mr Boles posted Twitter: “Time to raise your game, Prime Minister.”

Mr Boles was a business minister but quit just hours before Mrs May took over at No10. He returned to constituency work in September after battling cancer, argued that the Worboys decision was the final straw because a judicial review would have been an opportunity for ministers to express their anger. He said they should have pushed ahead even if there was only a 10% chance of victory.

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In his new book, Square Deal, about how to revitalise modern Conservatism, Mr Boles has called for a bolder approach to economic, housing and health policy, demanding the Tories bring an end to the “age of austerity” and focus on investment and driving up productivity.

The MP also suggested re-branding national insurance to fund the NHS and social care. He told the Sun that he wanted Downing Street to “pull their finger out” and for Ms May to lead, be bold and definite. “When I came back, I said we needed a new story, a new set of ambitions. I put it in friendly terms and I just feel we’re moving backwards,” Mr Boles said.

“Everything gets watered down, everything gets diluted, everything is mealy mouthed.” He added.

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