“Rat In Glasses”; Putin Spy Who Visited Theresa May Inside Downing Street Is Arrested
Video footage shows an alleged Russian spy following the Prime Minister into 10 Downing Street during an official diplomatic visit in July.

Stanislav Yezhov was detained by the country’s police on Wednesday and was accused of working for a “hostile government” after Ukraine’s SBU security service said he was “gathering information about government activities” and passing it onto his Russian handlers.

Yezhov was seen in the pictures of Ukraine PM Volodymyr Groysman at a meeting with Theresa May at Downing Street, as well as a meeting with Joe Biden, then US vice president, in 2016.

Yezhov previously served in the Ukrainian Embassy in the US. The Ukraine PM said Yezhov had been spying for a long time. Captioning a photo on Facebook, Mr Groysman said the spy had “long been working in the interests of a hostile government”, but it was not clear if he was already thought to be spying at the time of the London visit.

Mrs May said she was aware of the reports in relation to the Ukrainian individual who attended Downing Street earlier in the summer but the action that’s been taken is a matter for the “Ukrainian authorities.”

The head of the Ukraine security service’s counter-intelligence department Oleksiy Petrov said Yezhov had “access to fairly specific insider information in the cabinet of ministers”.

Mr Petrov called Yezhov a “rat in glasses” and added: “He was respected. He was working for the Russian special services very responsibly, thoroughly and creatively.”

The security agency spokeswoman Olena Gitlyanska confirmed his arrest and said: “The court has placed Yezhov in custody for two months at the request of the SBU.” He could be jailed for 12 to 15 years if found guilty of spying.

Mr Yezhov’s wife, Yulia Miroshnikova is a Russian citizen and had holdings of 286,641 roubles and $31,713 in the Russian state bank Sberbank.

Ms Miroshnikova hit out at her husband’s imprisonment and claims that he spied for the FSB for two years, saying: “I can say that this is some nonsense and surrealism. I don’t want to be discussing anything else.”

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