Rouhani: liberating Jerusalem is a sacred goal for Iranian people
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called on the Iranian people to participate in the Jerusalem Day Marches, stressing that liberating Jerusalem is till one of the sacred goals for Iranian people and all Muslims.

In a statement yesterday President Rouhani said, “it is not long before Muslims pray in Jerusalem”.

“This year’s Jerusalem Day is characterised by special features. In addition to marking the 70th anniversary of occupying the Palestinian territories, we are witnessing this year the US recognition of Jerusalem, the holy land for all Muslims as the capital of the Zionist entity, in violation of all international rules and laws,” he added.

The Iranian president said the March of Jerusalem comes with the “increasing repression and persecution of the oppressed Palestinians, especially the people of Gaza as well as tours by the Zionist entity leaders to broadcast Iranophobia”.

By participating in the Jerusalem Day rallies Iranian people will send a message to the Zionist entity that it will never forget the land of Palestine and noble Jerusalem, he said.

In 1979 the late Iranian leader Imam Khomeini marked the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan Jerusalem Day.

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