Russian Minister To UK: Who Does Britain Think It Is, Issuing Ultimatums To A Nuclear Power?
After Theresa May accused Russia of carrying out a nerve agent attack on UK agent, Moscow has responded extremely aggressive, with veiled nuclear and death threats.

Earlier this week, the British Prime Minister said Russian President Vladimir Putin has only 24 hours to respond to claims that Russia was “highly likely” behind the attempted murder of Mr Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Whitehall sources revealed Mrs May could launch a cyber-attack on Russia in the wake of recent events.

The UK might target Kremlin propaganda machines, with Whitehall sources claiming the UK will up the ante on its offensive cyber programme.

Later, a Russian foreign ministry spokesman, Maria Zakharova, hit back at a demand to explain its involvement in the poisoning, warning the UK not to threaten nuclear powers.

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Russia, which stands accused of killing 15 former spies on UK soil, has more powerful nuclear systems than any other nation, and has frequently taken to threatening other countries and bragging about its military.

Russian state TV broadcaster Kirill Kleimenov went on Russia’s popular Channel One to make veiled threats and insinuations that politically motivated murders in Britain would continue.

“The profession of a traitor is one of the most dangerous in the world,” Kleimenov said: “It’s very rare that those who had chosen it have lived in peace until a ripe old age.”

Following the UK moves to expel Russian diplomats or scraps the media license for RT, a Russian-funded media organization, Zakharova said in response that: “Not a single British media outlet will work in our country if they shut down Russia Today,”

Zakharova also said: “Who does Britain think it is, issuing ultimatums to a nuclear power?”

“Any threat to take ‘punitive’ measures against Russia will meet with a response. The British side should be aware of that” the Russian embassy tweeted: “Today the Embassy sent a note to the Foreign Office reiterating that Russia is not involved in the Salisbury incident and outlining the above mentioned demands for joint investigation.”

The British government is expected to expel a number of Russian diplomats and impose new restrictions on the movement of Russian money.

Theresa May said 23 Russian diplomats have a week to leave the UK, since they were identified as “undeclared intelligence officers”.

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