Sadiq Khan Slams Theresa May’s “Chaotic And Inhumane” Response To Grenfell Tower’s Survivors
Sadiq Khan has criticised Theresa May’s “inconsistent, chaotic and inhumane” response to the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.

In his letter to Downing Street, the London Mayor said: “As the families who lost relatives, friends and neighbours embark on the inquiry and attempt to rebuild their lives, they need to know that their government and council have the commitment and expertise required to support them. The treatment they have faced over the past year has been, at best, inconsistent and chaotic and at worst, inhumane.”

Mr Khan said while the process of healing and securing justice will take time, but more can be done to support and care for these families, “to make their lives more manageable and ensure they are in a position to fully participate in the inquiry.”

The Prime Minister admitted her initial response to the Grenfell Tower fire was not good enough and she will “always regret” not meeting survivors of the blaze when she first visited the site.

The comments come ahead of the first anniversary of the fire, which killed 72 people, this includes Maria Del Pilar Burton, 74, who died in January. She had been in the hospital since she was rescued from the 19th floor.

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Mrs May said she would “always regret” failing to meet survivors in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

“the residents of Grenfell Tower needed to know that those in power recognised and understood their despair,” she added: “And I will always regret that by not meeting them that day, it seemed as though I didn’t care.”

But Mr Khan believes the institutional indifference the families have faced since the fire is simply unacceptable and the scale of the tragedy and loss of life warrant closer attention and intervention from government.

“Your government has failed to give the support so clearly required by the local authority as these families experienced repeated failures and broken promises from the government and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It has become ever more apparent to me that your government is unwilling to step in and take responsibility for local response efforts.” Mr Khan added.

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