“What Have You Said Sorry For?” Andrew Marr Lashes Out At Theresa May Over NHS Crisis Saying It Could Have Killed Him
The BBC's Andrew Marr has slammed Theresa May in a devastating TV clash saying the current NHS crisis could have left him dead.

Mr Marr who suffered a stroke five years ago, told the PM: “This is about life and death.” as he recalled his own illness in January 2013 in an interview with the PM. He also confronted the PM after 5,000 ambulances spent more than an hour queueing outside A&E in one week over Christmas.

Mr Marr brought up the case of Leah Butler-Smith, who said she waited more than four hours at Broomfield Hospital in Essex while her mother slipped in and out of consciousness.

Mr Marr told the PM that if he had been forced to wait for five hours for treatment he might never have survived the devastating stroke.

“If I’d been waiting for five hours before I’d seen a doctor after my stroke I would not be here talking to you. ” he added:

“This is about life and death. And up and down the country people are having horrendous experiences of the NHS.”

“When you say there is a plan, or not, there is a real real problem. What would you say to Leah Butler-Smith and her mother?”

Mr May responded: “If we look at what is happening across the NHS, what we see is that actually the NHS is delivering for more people, it is treating more people and more people are being seen within the four hours every day than has been a few years ago.”

“But of course nothing’s perfect and there is more for us to do.”

She added: “You mentioned operations being postponed – that was part of the plan.”

“Of course we want to ensure that those operations can be reinstated as soon as possible, but it’s about making sure that those who most urgently need care are able to get that treatment when they need it.”

Mr Marr told the PM that extra money put into the NHS was “not nearly enough” and the health service was undergoing the “tightest funding squeeze in its history”.

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The PM finally apologised last week for the delays after public pressure but Mr Marr told her: “What have you said sorry for?”

Mr Marr added the Tory government was giving the NHS money but had previously stripped billions of pounds from councils, who fund social care.

“That is not solving the problem – that is putting a small sticking plaster on the wound that you have created,” the BBC interviewer argued.

“I was apologising for the fact… some operations have been postponed and some people have been delayed to hospital.” The PM said.

“An NHS reorganisation under Andrew Lansley described by your own former advisor Nick Timothy as being a disaster, creating bureaucracy and destroying accountability.” Mr Marr said.

“Surely those are the things you should be apologising for.”

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