Saudi Journalist Says His Country’s Abuse Of The Palestinian Cause Is A “Stigma”

Shehab news agency has reported that a famous Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi said that Saudi Arabia’s “abuse” of the Palestinians is a “stigma” that harms the Saudis themselves.

Mr Khashoggi who lives in exile criticised Saudi officials who have attacked the Palestinian cause and people. He said his country is doing deliberate harm to itself by attacking the Palestinians. “It is the worst of campaigns for the Kingdom,” he said.

Mr Khashoggi wrote on Twitter “If I announced that I had conceded the Palestine cause, this would have no value. It would only be a stigma that would accompany my name forever.” He added: “The one who has the word about Palestine is the Palestinian who will never give up.”

Recently this month, Benjamin Netanyahu’s former security advisor said Saudi Arabia is so eager to establish diplomatic relations with Israel and is prepared to sign off any type of Israeli-Palestinian peace deal and “doesn’t care” what kind of deal is reached with the Palestinians.

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According to commentators, numerous Saudi journalists, writers, poets, and scholars attack Palestinians and the Palestinian cause to pave the way for Saudi’s relations with Israel. These Saudis claim that “Riyadh is more important than Jerusalem.”

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