Scientifically Ridiculous And Demonstrably False; Climate Experts Hit Trump’s Latest Tweet On Climate Change
“There is a fundamental difference in scale between what weather is and what climate is”

Following president Trump’s claim that his people “could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming,”, the Weather Channel responded by tweeting about the difference between weather and climate.

The climate experts just revealed Trump’s unawareness about the distinction between weather and climate saying that “weather” refers to atmospheric conditions during a short period while climate relates to longer-term weather patterns.

The Weather Channel’s Twitter account also wrote about cold snaps occurring in warming climates and how 2017 was likely one of the three warmest years on record.

The director of Yale University’s project on climate change communication, Anthony Leiserowitz said Trump’s tweet was “scientifically ridiculous and demonstrably false”.

“There is a fundamental difference in scale between what weather is and what climate is,” Leiserowitz added: “What’s going on in one small corner of the world at a given moment does not reflect what’s going on with the planet.”

Mr Leiserowitz criticised Trump’s use of social media: “It’s meant to be red meat for his base,” he added: “They’re the ones most likely to be dismissive of climate change and the most likely to vote in the 2018 Republican primaries – so it’s a warning shot for the GOP members in Congress.”

He added that the global warming tweet was another attempt by Trump to distract from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Trump’s tweet was “troll-like”, he added, showing the president “delighting in sparking outrage among his opponents”.

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Another climate scientist from the University of New South Wales, Matthew England, called Trump’s comment “an ignorant misconception of the way the earth’s climate works”.

“Nobody ever said winter would go away under global warming, but winter has become much milder and the record cold days are being far outnumbered by record warm days and heat extremes,” he added: “Climate change is not overturned by a few unusually cold days in the US.”

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